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افتراضي Ain Sukhna - A Week End Getaway is not Enough

Ain Sukhna - A Week-End Getaway is not Enough

A short distance from Cairo, one and a half hour drive on the new highway, Ain Sukhna is fast becoming one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it finally possible to combine a short stay in Cairo with some sun & sea fun.

With pristine shores and an air of unmeasured serenity, well off Cairennes have been summering here for a long time.

In recent years, international hotel chains have populated this stretch of coastal paradise, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a genuine piece of heaven on the Red Sea coast.

Luxury, lovely beaches, fun water activities, and a proximity to the wonderful Eastern Desert make Ain Sukhna a great spot for your vacation.

Moreover, a mere 20 km south of Ain Sukhna, rising 270 metres above sea level, you’ll find the upscale resort of Porto Sokhna, an ambitious real estate development, Egypt’s first mountain-top resort and golf course. Spanning over a total area of 2.5 million sq. m, it includes gigantic malls, charming residential areas and villas, infinite shopping options, restaurants, and a cinema complex. The resort is linked to the coast through a cable-car transportation system.

Ain Sukhna in Arabic translates to Hot Spring and the area gets its name from the bubbling springs in the close by Ataka Mountain. Located within the Suez governorate, Ataka Mountain soars 800m above sea level, it is a must see location when you are in Ain Sukhna.

The St Anthony and St Paul Monasteries in the Eastern Desert nearby are also interesting cultural sites to behold, and the historically significant Suez Canal is approximately an hour away. There are many hotels to choose from, which offer activities such as snorkeling, jet-skiing and paddle boating. You can also enjoy a nice round on the golf courses, or a relaxing afternoon of spa indulgence at the state-of-the-art Stella Di Mare Resort Ain Sukhna

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