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Hurghada Egypt has transformed in recent times from a small fishing island into a hot tourist destination for travelers from all over globe. Located on the West Bank of the Red Sea, this is a friendly and accommodating place that offers its visitors a great mixture of attractions, from the sandy Hurghada beach to some lively nightlife activities. While tourists have only been coming this way since the 1980s, Hurghada Egypt is today considered a top seashore destination on the Red Sea.

You can travel to Hurghada from Cairo or enter the city through the Hurghada International Airport, which serves a select amount of routes originating outside Egypt. With a pleasantly warm climate and a range of activities to keep you engaged, Hurghada Egypt is a picturesque destination that’s an eminently attractive place to land in. What’s more, given that this is a fairly small, compact place, the Hurghada Beach is never far away—you can almost taste the salty air as the wheels of the plane touch down.

The biggest attraction when you travel to Hurghada is inevitably this beach and the Red Sea that laps at its shores, bring with it a plethora of exciting activities for tourists to indulge in, such as diving and snorkeling, the latter of which is a great substitute for those who don’t have a diving license or a desire to go underwater. These activities rightly take advantage of the beautiful coral reefs that make the Red Sea famous around the world, often coming to define your time spent in the city.

When you visit Hurghada Egypt, then, it may be a good idea to check into hotels that offers scuba diving tours out into the sea, as a Hurghada vacation would simply be incomplete without a view of the coral reefs. Likewise, spending at least a day or two on the Hurghada beach is a must while here. If you feel a bit more adventurous, meanwhile, parasailing, jet skis, and windsurfing are all on offer to truly get the adrenaline pumping.

It would be wise not to assume that water activities are the only attractions of Hurghada Egypt, however. Once you have seen and experienced the best of Red Sea, heading out for a Desert Adventure on a camel or a jeep is an infinitely memorable thing to do here, while quad biking is also a popular thing to do. Vast, unforgiving, and dotted with fascinating flora and fauna, the Egyptian desert is a place that’s sure to leave a mark on your mind for years to come—just remember to take sunblock and water with you

Having spent a day racing around the desert or simply taking it easy on the beach, the local cuisine offers a sumptuous way to start an evening. After that, it’s all about partying, with travel to Hurghada known for its hedonistic possibilities. Bars and nightclubs are found everywhere in this traveler-friendly destination, making sure your vacation is not found wanting in any shape or form.

If you're moving on along the coast, other popular destinations for taking it easy in Egypt are Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, and Marsa Alam. If your trip takes you inland, Cairo and Luxor, meanwhile, are the best bets if you’re looking to delve into Ancient Egypt and all its enchanting mysticism.

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